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14 Hacks To Ensure Your Drains Keep Clean

Drainage Emergencies Seem To Have A Way Of Creeping Up At The Worst Times. In addition to posing health risks, the undrained water in the sink (or bath) and flooding can cause air pollution. The good thing is, your maintenance habits can prevent it.

Blocked drains are often the result of the slow build - up of small objects, dirt, and grease. Even if blockages don't occur in your own pipes, they can happen in the larger main lines q leading to problem's for a number of people.

However, By Following These Rules You Can Avoid A Clogged Drain

1. Use a plunger to remove minor clogs quickly and easily.

2. Raise the stoppers in your bath tub and clean out debris. In addition, make sure you rinse off the stopper before you return it to where it was originally.

3. To Trap Hair That Falls Off While Bathing Or Washing, Place A Mesh Barrier On Your Sink And Bath Plugs To Trap The Hair. The same way you would prevent food from going down the kitchen sink, you should also prevent hair from washing into the bathroom pipes.

4. If you remove loose hairs before taking a bath then there will be less chance of a build - up in the drains.

5. Get a plumber to professionally install covers or debris catchers over your drains. When Getting Your Drains Cleaned, Use A Drain Cleaner That Is Anti - Bacterial And Which Is Not Corrosive.

6. Think ahead before planting trees or flowers near your drainage system's pipework.

7. Go into a yearly contract with a drainage company, so that, even without calling on them, you can benefit from occasional inspections and servicing of your drainage system. Drainage Glasgow in Glasgow is a leading company that can provide such benefits. Educate family members and friends about the maintenance of your home's drains.

8. Cease using chemical cleaners. They make them spoil and rust.

9. You Have A Separate Dustbin For A Reason. Put your trash in the dustbin, and not down your drain.

10. Especially avoid putting things in the drain such as fat, grease, coffee, gum, food, medications and condoms.

11. In short, the only thing that you are supposed to allow down your sink drain is water For your toilet; water, urine and faeces.

12. Form A Hook At The End Of A Wire Hanger Which You Straightened, Slip The Hook Past The Cover Of Your Drain And Use This For Fishing Out Drain Gunk.

13. Keep grease from building up in your drain by regularly pouring hot saltwater through your sink.

14. There are many other ways to maintain your drains, some which work, and some which don't. Whatever methods you choose, avoid acidic solutions at all costs!

If you currently have drainage problem's in your home and nothing on the list has worked so far, don't force it, otherwise you could worsen the situation. Instead, you should get in touch with a plumber. If you reside in or near Glasgow, then the technicians at Drainage Glasgow are your best option.